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Coconut Bay Restaurant

lWhat: Coconut Bay Restaurant

Where:1107 Howard Ave,Burlingame, CA

Yelp Rating:3 1/3 stars


Coconut Bay Restaurant is a Thai restaurant with a modern look and young staff. The inside is spacious and clean, yet the service and menu is definitely lacking. I came here about an hour before closing, there were a few couples having dinner and a large party enjoying what looked like a birthday celebration. It took a while before a host came to greet my friend and I to show us to our table. Our waitress did not appear to be interested in serving us and overall gave us a bad feeling about the food we were ordering. Her negative attitude took away from the experience.

When it comes down to the food this restaurant definitely reminds me of a nail salon where every little thing is an extra cost. I was craving the coconut soup and was very disappointing that it only had shrimp in it with nothing else. Other Thai restaurants Ive been to had mushrooms and a variety of seafood in the soup. I asked to add mushrooms which was $1 extra and since I opted for the shrimp instead of the chicken it was also another extra $1.50.  The extra cost was not an issue, except it made the restaurant look cheap like the ladies that do my pedicures and try to get an extra dollar out of me for every little flower or design that’s put on.

The food tasted alright, definitely not anything special, some of the shrimp still had the tail on which I was not happy about. The Thai iced tea was absolutely disgusting, seems like they messed up the mixture. If I am in the area again I would definitely try one of the other restaurants.

Haleh Pastry

Photo1_103_-364x233What:Haleh Pastry

Where:2265 S Winchester Blvd Campbell, CA

Yelp Rating: 5 stars


Haleh Pastry  is the epitome of what a bakery should be. The interior is simple, yet welcoming and spotless! Outside there is a small area with outside seating elegantly arranged with old school charm.

I came here on a mission to try the cream puffs that everyone was raving about. Mission accomplished! I bought the last 5 cream puffs that were in the display and a cookie and cream sandwich with some sort of nut flavored spice.

My total came out to a little over $5  which I think is a bargain. The cream puffs were on the bigger side and so was the cookie sandwich  Whole foods sells a similar cream puff for close to two dollars yet falls short when it comes to flavor and freshness.

After consuming the the cookie sandwich and a cream puffs, I felt satisfied. Everything was so fresh, it was as if it was just made! The cream in both  of the baked goods was very light and did not leave a funny tickling feeling in my mouth that most do, one of the reasons I absolutely dislike frosting and any time of cream.

Haleh Pastry bakery definitely has my vote! Writing about my experience here has already got my mouth watering for a cream puff!

Cafe Artemis

Untitled-1What: Cafe Artemis

Where:1875 S Bascom  Ave Ste 300A,  Campbell, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Category: Greek, Turkish,   Mediterranean

This restaurant has come a long way  since I was last here.The inside went from stuffy to open, modern and inviting with service to match!

Although I did not dine at the restaurant, instead I ordered take out. My food was prepared quickly and was very delicious.

My order consisted of chicken and  falafel wraps, both came with a serving of salad. The chicken wrap was very good, there was a perfect amount of chicken, vegetables and sauce. The pita bread was also very fluffy and fresh.

In addition to all the wraps was a  very unique tasting bread and marinara/garlic sauce that came with the food which tasted amazing! The bread was warm and the sauce gave just enough heat.

I would definitely come back here especially since they have outside seating. Its a great place to come for lunch on a warm day.

Sunrise Cafe

sunrise-cafe-soquel-727380What: Sunrise Cafe

Where:4718 Soquel Dr, Soquel, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Category: American(traditional)

 I really enjoyed my experience here. Came in for breakfast on Saturday around 11, the restaurant was packed and there was about a 20 minute wait to get a seat at the bar.

There is not much variety here, but the food is delicious. We were a party of 4 and not one person had a complaint about the food.
I had the veggie omelet which was very good. It was not greasy and the veggies inside were fresh and perfectly cooked.
My friend had the pesto chicken sandwich which he said was very good as well.

It did take a while to get our food, but the kitchen staff seemed pretty busy with all the orders . There is a window into the kitchen that  is big enough for you to look through and watch your food being prepared which makes the time go by a little faster

Not only was the food good, the price can’t be beat. For 4 people the bill come out to about $20.

Will definitely be coming back for breakfast when I am in the area again!

Falafel etc

rWhat: Falafel etc                            Where:39200 Fremont Blvd,Fremont, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars                        Categories: Middle Eastern, Vegetarian

I came to Fremont to visit a friend of mine and we decided to come to Falafel etc for lunch.This place was close to her house, had good reviews and the food looked very appetizing from the pictures we found on yelp.

We came here around 3pm and there were a few people there . We ordered our food at the counter, the girl working there was very friendly and helped us customize our dishes.
When the food was ready she delivered it to our table which was nice since we assumed they would just call out our number.Before we got our food a had a chance to look at the place and it was very clean and there was a cute patio on the side with a fountain.

The portion was on the large side and the food was amazing! I had the chicken plate and asked for half humus half rice which made the dish that much better. Everything tasted fresh and was seasoned just right.In addition to our food we got complimentary pita bread which i used for dipping into the humus.

Overall it was a relatively healthy meal and I was very full, perhaps next time I will split it with a friend or take half of it to go.

Psycho Donuts

donutsWhat: Psycho Donuts                                     Where:2006 S Winchester Blvd,Ste C,Campbell, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars                                         Category:Donuts, Coffee, Tea

I randomly stumble upon Psycho Donuts while driving through downtown Campbell. I was intrigued by the name and decided to stop by.
My first though upon entering the store was ,”whoever came up with the theme is a genius”. The psycho ward theme definitely makes this place stand out, inside you can get dressed up and take pictures in a white booth!

The girl behind the counter was very friendly and offered me some bubble wrap which i love to pop, not sure why.

The donuts were not bad, but a bit overpriced.I  tried the following :Kooky Monster ,Cocoa Loco, Mood Swing,Feng Shui and Marble Madness.

Marble Maddness and Fend Shui were by far my favorite!
I wish they had more variety when I was there, some of the donuts that were displayed on their website I did not see in the store. Also most of the donuts were covered in layers of frosting, sugar and many random toppings, it would have been nice to see some healthier options.

TGI’s Sushi

4What: TGI’s Sushi              Where:100 W Hamilton Ave,Ste C,Campbell, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars             Category: Sushi

I was looking for a sushi restaurant when I noticed that TGI Sushi got many positive reviews on yelp, so I decided to check it out.

Its restaurant is located in a run down plaza, the inside is tiny! Only about 10 tables were inside and many people were waiting outside to be seated.
Since it looked like the wait was going to be quite long I decided to take my order to go. After looking through their menu, which was not very creative and did not offer anything special I placed my order with one of the waitress. It took almost an hour for me to get my food, and about half way into it I was regretting ever coming here. The service is definitely lacking

When I received my food I discovered that  they put way too much sauce into the sushi and and after tasting it, it was on odd combination of sweet and salty. Also the rolls were huge, but were mostly rice and not much fish, the fish was not all that great either.

I was very disappointed with this establishment and still have no idea how so many people seem to love it.

The Sandwich Spot

1What: The Sandwich Spot             Where:5126 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 stars                          Category: Sandwiches

The sandwich shop can be hard to find since its hidden in the back of a big shopping plaza. I had to call and have one of their employees help me with directions because I got lost and could not find the it.
The concept here is pretty  much just like Ike’s, the decor was slightly better and there were tables inside as well as outside.The sandwiches were just alright, but very heavy!! There is ranch and garlic in pretty much all the sauces. Most sandwiches have at least 3 sauces from what i saw, unless you ask to leave any of them out. There were some sandwich option listed on their menu but I decided to customize mine in hopes of making it a bit healthier. Although I left most of the sauces out and had my sandwich with chicken and veggies I still felt very heavy after eating it.

Overall it was like taking everything you have in your fridge and putting it on a piece of bread.

I was disappointed and expected something a little better since so many people seem to like it.

Gary Danko

lWhat: Gary Danko

Where: 800 N Point St,San Francisco, CA
Yelp Rating: 4 1/2 Stars           Category: American (New)

It only took about a month to get a reservation on a Friday evening at Gary Danko!

From the outside the restaurant resembles a nightclub, the windows are tinted and you cannot see inside the restaurant. I was slightly disappointed by the interior of the restaurant. There was a bar in the very front as you enter and sections with tables blocked off by a half wall to the side.

When it comes to food it is all up to you! Once you decide on how many courses you wish to have a friendly yet pretentious waiter will be there to take your order. I went for the 4 course meal and as the waiter explained, I could pick my courses from any sections I wanted. Meaning I could have 4 desserts, or 4 appetizers or 4 main course dishes. I went with an appetizer, two main dishes and a dessert.

The food was good and the portions were on the smaller size which I liked, because after 4 courses my stomach was ready to explode! In addition to the great food, Gary Danko offers an extensive wine list (its actually more like a book) I tried a white riesling wine which was light and fruity. I noticed many of the diners were there for the wine as they were barely eating yet many glasses and bottles of wine on their table.

Overall the one thing that stands out about this restaurant is the service. Its like you have your own personal waiter making sure that every little thing is perfect. The food was great but not worth the one month wait!


3What: Flames Eatery and Bar           Where: 118 Paseo de San Antonio,San Jose, CA

Yelp Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Category: Sports Bar, Dinner,Bar,Breakfast Brunch

While working on a project for class with my group early one morning, we all decided to grab some breakfast before wrapping it up for the day. Since Flames was just around the corner from SJSU we decided to come here. Although I wasn’t expecting the food here to be all that great, I also did not expect it to be as bad as it was. Perhaps its because I’ve made better choices when dining out and chose to eat at restaurants that offer good quality food, nevertheless dining out at flames was a very depressing experience.

The waiter that took our order was unprofessional and wore a filthy apron around his waist. The dining room had an odd odor of what seemed like dirty dish water, the carpet and chairs were stained.Although some of my group members went for the traditional breakfast option of eggs with pancakes and bacon, I picked the safer rout and ordered a fruit bowl with granola and yogurt on the side.

Once everyone had their food I couldn’t help but notice how just about everyone’s food looked grey. There wasn’t much color and everything just blended together, I can only assume it tasted as bland as it looked. My fruit bowl was dry and definitely not fresh, the yogurt and granola were left untouched since I did not want to risk it.

Otoro Sushi

2What:Otoro Sushi                                Where:235 Mt Hermon Rd,Ste G, Scotts Valley, CA

Yelp Rating: 4 1/2 Stars                                     

Category: Japanese, Sushi

This sushi place is located in what seems like a cute little village up in the mountains. The Mt. Hermon area is exactly that, its just a few miles past Santa Cruz, there is a great plaza with a grocery store, restaurants, boutiques and a salon or two. If you driver further down there road there is a lodging area and a canopy tour facility.

The Otoro Sushi restaurant has a very modern look to it, everything is very sleek and polished. I had the lunch box and a order of their most popular roll which is the lobster popcorn sushi roll. Its basically a shrimp tempura roll topped off with chunks of deep fried lobster bits. It was absolutely delicious and so was the lunch box. The restaurant uses fresh quality ingredients which definitely reflects in the food.

The ambiance and service could use improvement, both came off cold and unwelcoming.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

1What:Chipotle Mexican Grill            Where:1110-30 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA
Yelp Rating:2 1/2                                   Category: Mexican
Chipotle is probably one of the more popular fast food Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area. Its all about getting your burrito, taco, or burrito bowl exactly how you like it. You have the option of white or brown rice and three different meats and salsas. Many Chipotle fans love the guacamole that is made in house daily.
I was very disappointed with this location. Many people in the Almaden area were very much looking forward to the opening of Chipotle since the closest one is about a 15 minute drive.
The employees at this location seem to genuinely hate their job, and it shows! Every time I have visited this location the employees always have an attitude and never listen to what I am asking for. Instead of giving me white rice they give me brown rice, they mess up the salsas and barely give me any guacamole.
I usually get a vegetarian burrito bowl or a vegetarian burrito with white rice, tomatoes salsa as well as the red salsa(its very spicy), grilled peppers and guacamole. Somehow even these 5 ingredients always manage to get mixed up. The worst burrito Ive had from here is when someone decided to add cheese to it, considering that I am lactose intolerant it was a completely disaster. I have not returned to this establishment since.

Pizza Pub

What:Pizza Pub                          Where:1342 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

Yelp Rating:4 stars                         Category: Pizza, Sandwiches

I accidentally stumbled upon Pizza Pub, and so glad I did! Its located in the back of a Walgreens plaza.The interior is very simple on the inside, resembling somewhat of a sports bar.There were  a few tables, T.V and a counter to order food at. There were several very different food options such as pizza, falafel, and cheesesteaks and several Indian dishes available but I decided to go with a chicken Philly cheese steak. I was a little nervous about the quality of the indigence since the inside of the restaurant could use some work and there were no other customers there besides me.

When I got my order it looked and smelled delicious, and tasted even better than it looked! I was pleasantly surprised by this establishment and will be swinging by to try other options.

The portions are very big! One philly cheesesteak can feed two adults, and is very reasonably priced.The cheesestake was filled with well seasoned chicken and fresh bell peppers and other vegetables.

Overall I received great service, delicious food and will be bringing my friends here for lunch in the future.

Jasmine Fine Thai Cuisine

What:Jasmine Fine Thai Cuisine Restaurant                                 Where:1211 Franklin Mall,Santa Clara, CA 95050

Yelp Rating: 3 1/2 Stars                                                               Category: Thai


I was never a fan of Thai food until I visited this restaurant.The inside is very well decorated and clean. There was a lot of modern wall art and plenty of space in between the tables.

Looking through the menu I was a little nervous because everything looked so foreign and I wished they had more pictures so i could put the description with the food. I decided to go with the Tom Kha soup, which is like a seafood soup in coconut milk. It was absolutely delicious, I am not a big fan of soups but this one is definitely an exception. It wasn’t heavy and had plenty of various seafood in it, the liquid had a bit of a spicy taste, just enough to give it a little kick after having a spoonful. For the main course I ordered the Pad Thai with shrimp. It was good, the dish consisted of some sort of noodles and sprouts with shrimp. And for dessert I had the fried bananas which were delicious.

The service at this restaurant is amazing, everyone is so nice and polite. They really want you to enjoy your meal and leave satisfied.

Although the location of this restaurant is not the nicest they definitely make up for it with the decor, food and service.



Philz Coffee

What:Philz Coffee                                                   Where:118 Paseo de San Antonio,San Jose, CA 95112

Yelp Rating: 4 1/2 Stars                                                  Category: Cofee & Tea

Philz coffee is not a restaurant which may make it confusing since most of my posts are about restaurants and the different food I’ve tried.
However I visit Philz coffee at least twice a week and so far have absolutely loved every single coffee drink I’ve purchased from there, so in my opinion Philz Coffee deserves a spot on my blog!

I would describe this place as a home away from home, but with better coffee. Upon entering the shop someone is always there to greet you with a sincere smile no matter how busy they get, and mornings are always hectic here. There are usually about 4 baristas at the counter, they call you up when they have an opening for your cup of coffee. After coming here for some time now I feel like the people working there are my good friends, not only that but I can tell them what I’m in the mood for and they will know exactly which coffee to make for me. What surprised me the most is that every single coffee I’ve had has never tasted like the one before, unless I got the same thing of course.

The atmosphere at Philz is great, there are mostly students here hanging out during the day. There are several comfortable couches to lounge on and plenty of seating at a window bar and several tables inside and outside the coffee shop.

A small cup of coffee costs $3.00, a large which is about half a size bigger is $3.50. Although some consider this to be more on the pricy side I could not disagree more. I used to pay almost $4.00 at Starbucks for coffee that tasted like watered down milk with a slight hint of coffee flavoring somewhere in there.

I recommend coming here sometime after 11 am when all the sleepy SJSU students have gotten their caffeine fix, otherwise the line goes out the door, and sometimes even longer!