Pizza Pub

What:Pizza Pub                          Where:1342 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

Yelp Rating:4 stars                         Category: Pizza, Sandwiches

I accidentally stumbled upon Pizza Pub, and so glad I did! Its located in the back of a Walgreens plaza.The interior is very simple on the inside, resembling somewhat of a sports bar.There were  a few tables, T.V and a counter to order food at. There were several very different food options such as pizza, falafel, and cheesesteaks and several Indian dishes available but I decided to go with a chicken Philly cheese steak. I was a little nervous about the quality of the indigence since the inside of the restaurant could use some work and there were no other customers there besides me.

When I got my order it looked and smelled delicious, and tasted even better than it looked! I was pleasantly surprised by this establishment and will be swinging by to try other options.

The portions are very big! One philly cheesesteak can feed two adults, and is very reasonably priced.The cheesestake was filled with well seasoned chicken and fresh bell peppers and other vegetables.

Overall I received great service, delicious food and will be bringing my friends here for lunch in the future.


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